Share Certificates of Deposit

Share Certificates

Life looks good with a CCCU Share Certificate!  With our Share Certificates, you can earn more money on your savings during a fixed period of time than with a regular savings account. Share Certificates can range in terms of 6 months to 60 months that you select based on your needs and financial goals.

Today's Rates
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Being a member of CCCU has its perks, like earning higher interest on your money. If you’re saving to fund your next dream, consider setting aside your extra cash in a CCCU Share Certificate. You’ll earn more interest than with a standard savings or money market account. So, dream big – we’ll help you get there.

  • Low minimum balance of $500 to open
  • Earn a higher rate of return (APY)*
  • Dividends can be withdrawn without penalty
  • Dividends compound daily and paid monthly**
*Penalties may apply for early principal withdrawal.
**Share Certificates may be subject to a penalty for early withdrawal; principal may be forfeited. The penalty is the greater of a flat $250 minimum ($100 for terms of one year or less), or 15 days of dividends for each month of the original certificate term based on the original dividend rate for the certificate. Accounts do not earn dividends while maintaining a foreign address, or where the primary owner must file a W-8BEN, is not a ‘US Person,’ or lacks a valid US TIN.