Commercial Real Estate Loans

Commercial Real Estate Loans

When it comes to expanding your business, purchasing or refinancing real estate, our Lending Team has years of experience navigating the local market. We’ve got you!

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Access flexible, cost-effective lending services tailored to the needs of developers and investors in all major real estate classes.

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Ideal for retrofitting or expanding commercial property your business owns, purchasing a new location for your business, or refinancing your current commercial real estate loan to meet the demands of your business.

Owner-occupied commercial real estate loans are available for most property types with amortization up to 25 years. Loan-to-value up to 80% for conventional loans or up to 90% for SBA loans.

This loan can be made for any property type where the borrower occupies less than 50% of the property’s leasable space. The most common commercial investment property types are office, retail, industrial/warehouse, self-storage, multifamily, and hospitality.