In Cascade’s Community


Supporting local nonprofit organizations in Douglas County is an essential part of Cascade Community’s culture.

Every donation of time and money makes the communities we serve a better place and creating a brighter future for our friends and family in Douglas County guides many of CCCU’s initiatives.

Community Giving

People Helping People

We strive to improve the quality of life for the members of our communities. Whether it’s collaborating on fundraisers for local food banks, volunteering to make beds for children in need, or simply lending a helping hand to a community member, we believe in helping our people.

Helping in class

Cascade Community was founded by a group of local teachers, and we can’t help but stay true to our roots! Our belief is that empowering educators is empowering our community, which is why every year CCCU sets aside resources to help educators. We do this by:

  • Providing grant funding
  • Volunteering our time
  • Remaining open to individual classroom needs

If you’re a teacher in Douglas County and would like to see if CCCU can provide additional support to you, please send us a message here

Riverblendz Coffee

We take pride in fostering connections with our members and our neighbors which is why getting out into the community is so important to us!

We choose to help through supporting local organizations by volunteering, making donations, and helping get the word out about their cause. We try to use our voice to share a message that can help our community as a whole.

If you know of a way we can lend a hand to a local family, group, or organization, let us knowkeyboard_backspace

CCCU is always looking for ways to support youth in Douglas County. We do this through:

  • Active involvement in 4-H and FFA
  • Ongoing scholarship opportunities
  • Supporting local organizations like the Boys and Girls Club
  • Volunteering in classrooms to teach financial education

Our goal is to promote safety and wellness amongst our community’s children and help them learn good financial habits. In pursuing this, we hope to offer them the best future possible!