Business Loans

Business Loans

We are committed to serving the local community and providing Douglas County business owners with quick responses to loan requests—typically within 24 hours or less— so that you can focus on growing your business.

Helping local business

At Cascade Community Credit Union, we strive to help you in all areas of life, including your business needs. Our team provides the expertise and personal attention to help you achieve your business loan goals.

For more information, contact our Loan Officers at 541-464-6892 or [email protected].

If your business requires a vehicle of any type, you might want to consider a business auto loan. Business auto loans are typically used to buy vehicles for work-related operating activities, including delivering products to customers, completing jobs, and transporting employees, among other things. Give us a call before you go shopping for a vehicle and we’ll get you pre-approved.

Obtaining equipment is one of the most common reasons a small business owner seeks outside financing. This type of business loan is ideal for companies that want to expand their business with industry-specific tools or machinery. Unlike many lenders, we are not limited by the age or type of equipment and are able to provide financing to most types of industries, such as logging and construction.

This type of lending requires specific industry and financial knowledge. Our team of loan officers at Cascade Community Credit Union understand non-profit financial information and can find a way to structure loans to meet the needs of the non-profit organization.

A business line of credit provides the flexibility to borrow funds for your business, as needed, up to a preset limit. With a line of credit from Cascade Community Credit Union, you make low monthly payments only on the portion of the money that you borrow.

Share secured business loans help build credit history and often feature lower rates than other types of loans.