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Cascade Community Credit Union

Belong to Douglas County

Are you one of the lucky folks who call Douglas County home?  If so, you're 99% on your way to joining the Cascade Community Credit Union family.   And don't forget that as long as you qualify to be a member, your immediate family members are also eligible to join.  Plus, our electronic services make tapping into your accounts a snap.  So moving away (though we'd miss you) doesn't mean moving your finances.

Want an account for your business or a non-profit club or association?  The mission of Cascade Community Credit Union is to serve our community with excellence by serving our members well.  And we want your business member experience to be a rewarding one.  Many local businesses and organizations will qualify to be a business member of the Cascade Community Credit Union family.  If the account will take or make checks in a name other than that of an individual person, then the business or organization may need to be registered with the State at sos.oregon.gov.  If yours is a new business or organization, you may want to review "Starting a Business" or "Nonprofit Services" at sos.oregon.gov for helpful information.

And with your business or organizational account here, you can tap into 'merchant services' thru our relationship with MerchantPro Express (MPX).  We can answer questions about your account and help you understand the services we offer and the friendly representatives at MPX can assist you with merchant services that may be right for you.  So, please visit one of our convenient branches, call us, or visit us online, and contact an MPX representative at 541-543-8122 or online at merchantproexpress.com.

Whether you join our Credit Union family as a consumer member or your business or organization joins, begin the process today by completing the New Member Request Form below.

Important Notice About New Account Information: We obtain, verify and record certain identifying information (including driver license/other identifying documents) for each person accessing, authorized to transact on, or benefitting from an account. The law provides this as part of the government war on the funding of terrorism and money laundering, and to deter fraud and identity theft. [Source: 31USC 5318, 12CFR 717, 748, 1016, 31CFR 1020]


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