Checking Accounts

Pathfinder Checking - Everything You Need to Know

Cascade Community CU’s Pathfinder Checking gives you the freedom to choose how you want your checking account to work for you. With a variety of digital solutions, such as online access, eStatements, and mobile app, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you can access your checking account from anywhere - 24/7. Plus, Pathfinder Checking features no monthly service fees or minimum balance requirements!


Pathfinder Checking Automatically Includes:

  • eStatements
  • Online access & online bill payment service
  • Mobile app access featuring Mobile Deposit
  • VISA debit card
  • Free ATM withdrawals at over 30,000 participating CO-OP ATMs
  • Direct deposits are immediately available when posted to the account

Additional Pathfinder Checking Benefits:

  • Earn a great Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on the first $1,000 daily balance (for qualifying accounts) and earn a competitive APY on the remainder of the daily balance
  • Get a refund of ATM surcharge fees and excess withdrawal fees for that month (a maximum of $10 per month applies to this refund)

To Earn Additional Pathfinder Checking Benefits:

  • You must be actively enrolled in eStatements
  • Have at least 12 CCCU debit or credit card purchases post to your account each calendar month (excludes ATM transactions)
  • Have at least 1 electronic deposit or withdrawal post to your account each month (direct deposit, direct debit, or online bill pay)

These requirements must be met during each calendar month to earn the additional benefits for that month. If the requirements are not met, the additional account benefits won’t be received. Don’t worry, if you didn’t meet the requirements listed above during a month, you can still meet the requirements the next month to earn the additional benefits. Accounts do not earn dividends while maintaining a foreign address, or where the primary owner must file a W-8BEN, is not a 'US Person,' or lacks a valid US TIN.

Other Important Notes:
The dividend rate on Pathfinder Checking is subject to change at any time. Dividends will be credited on a monthly basis; ATM surcharge fees are refunded to your account on the last day of the month. The requirements must be met during your monthly statement cycle. You can review your monthly eStatement to verify that the requirements were met and the benefits were received. If your checking account was opened during the current month, the requirements will be waived for that month and the benefits will be received for the first month.

Pathfinder Checking Features

Account Opening and Usage
Minimum to Open / Maintain Account $0 $1 we provide must be maintained in savings.
Monthly Account Fee $0 Paper and electronic statements are also free.
Dividends Yes See our current disclosure for rates, conditions.
Online & Mobile Access Fee $0 Internet/wireless mobile account access and bill payment services. Includes email and text alerts services. Touch Tone Teller is also free. *
Online Bill Pay, Mobile Pay, & Mobile Deposit Fee $0
Co-Op™ Network ATM Use Fee $0 Over 30,000 locations nationwide.
Other ATM Use Fee (per use) $1 The ATM/net owner may also charge a use fee.
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fee $25 Per item paid or returned if $5+ overdrawn
Overdraft Transfer Fee $2 Per item; from savings (/line of credit on request)
Returned Deposit Item Fee $10 Applies when a deposit item does not clear. Fee is $25 if drawn on own account.
Stop Payment Fee $25 Per item on sequence of items.
Debit Card Overdraft Service
(We never authorize ATM cash withdrawals that will cause an overdraft of your account)
$25 If you opt-in for this service, this fee applies to each debit card purchase transaction causing an overdraft.
If you don’t opt-in, debit card purchases that would cause an overdraft will normally be declined. (Some no-fee overdraft transactions may occur that we cannot decline.)
See our current Fee Schedule for a complete list of fees *Your internet/phone service provider may change a fee.

Processing Policies

Posting Order of Debit and Credit

We make every effort to post debits and credits to your account when we receive them. If both credits and debits for your account come to us in a batch, we generally post credits first; then debits.

Availability of Funds Deposited
All times are local, Roseburg OR (Pacific Time Zone).

Funds we accept for deposit to your account are generally available on the same business day received - usually immediately if presented in person. We will usually tell you at the time if you present in person a check we must hold.
Conditions and exceptions are explained following. (Deposits must be in US Dollars; no foreign money.)
Ask us if you need to be sure about a particular deposit. (See our Funds Availability Policy Disclosure for full details.)

Cash accepted by our Teller Immediately
Check accepted by our Teller Immediately, usually, except when advised of hold
CO-OP™:  Deposit detected as cash Immediately, anytime
Any:  First $200 per day deposited anywhere Immediately, anytime
Any:  Up to $1000/deposit, any business day Next business day, usually by 9am, except for hold
Ours:  Up to $1000+/deposit, any business day, before 3pm Next business day, usually by 9am, except for hold
Ours:  Up to $1000+/deposit, any business day, 3pm or after Second business day, usually by 9am, except for hold
Other:  $1000+/deposit, any business day Fourth business day, usually by 9am, except for hold
Deposit by mail or our night deposit Next business day after received; usually by Noon
Direct Deposit ('ACH') Same business day as received; usually by 9am
Wire Transfer (received) Usually same business day as received

If we hold any amount...

Usually the first $200 is available immediately; any remainder by the second business day. Funds may not be available until the seventh business day when we hold (1) amounts $5000+, (2) for a new/inactive account, or (3) if we doubt the check(s) will clear. When accepted, we do not hold 'On Us' checks. With good cause and notice, we may hold an accepted check for longer. Foreign items credit when cleared. 'Business days': Mon. - Fri. except Federal holidays and the Friday after Thanksgiving.


If you have a dispute regarding your account or our service, contact us at 541.672.9000 or 1.800.848.0618


An overdraft occurs when you do not have enough money (‘not sufficient funds’ – NSF) in your account to cover a transaction, but we pay it anyway. We do not encourage you to overdraft, but if you do, we can cover your overdrafts in two different ways: (1) Standard overdraft practices that come with your account. (2) Low cost overdraft transfers which draw from your savings or your line-of-credit. Interested? Ask us about this. Following are our standard overdraft practices; then an opportunity to choose to ‘opt-in’ to debit card overdraft protection.


At our sole discretion, we authorize and pay overdrafts for the following types of transactions: (1) Checks and other transactions on your checking account, (2) Automatic bill payments, and (3) ACH transactions. We do not guarantee we’ll always authorize and pay any transaction. If we pay your overdraft, you must promptly restore your account to a positive balance. Standard collection procedures will apply if account is not brought current within 26 days. Unless you ask us to, we do not authorize and pay overdrafts for one-time (non-recurring) debit card transactions (see below). (You may cause some debit card overdraft transactions that we cannot decline.) We don’t authorize ATM cash withdrawals that cause an overdraft.


You will be charged an NSF fee according to the current Fee Schedule each time we choose to pay an overdraft of your account. Even if we do not authorize and/or pay your overdraft, you may still be charged a Fee if you make an overdraft. There is no limit on the total NSF fees you will be charged for overdrawing your account.


If you want us to authorize and pay overdrafts on one-time debit card purchase transactions, login to your account online, or click here for a form you can complete and mail to us to exercise that option.