Beware of Vishing; Fraud 411

Be on the alert for a current scam known as “vishing” (short for voice phishing), where an identity thief calls or sends a text pretending to be the fraud team from your bank, credit union or credit card company.

The scammer – sometimes a live person, sometimes an automated voice system – pretends to be a financial institution and tries to get personal information from you that can be used to log in to your accounts or steal your identity.

How to spot a fraudster

Even if your caller ID displays the name “Cascade Community Credit Union” or “CCCU” you will know it is not us if you are asked for personal information like your PIN, your username/password, or your debit or credit card number.


  • We will never ask for your debit/credit card PIN, or your online banking username or password over the phone.
  • We will never call you to help you change your PIN, ask for your debit/credit card number, or ask you to share a one-time login/security code over the phone.
  • We will never call you about a debit/credit fraud text alert and ask you to click a link in a text message while we are on the phone with you*

If anyone calls you asking for personal account or identity information, you should hang up. If you are unsure if a call or text is legit, send us a secure message in online or mobile banking, or call 541-672-9000.

*You may receive a text message from us if a purchase made with your card is flagged by our fraud monitoring system. If you are unsure if a text message is legitimate, call the number on the back of your card and someone can check to see if your alert is legit or a counterfeit or fake alert from a fraudster.

For more information on protecting yourself, visit our website: