If you’ve been unsure about how to make a selection for which ride will take you on your summer adventures, we have a few tips that can make all the difference!


There is nothing like being able to pack up your family and hit the open road for a quality vacation, whether it’s to enjoy a weekend getaway or taking a cross country trip to see the Grand Canyon, Old Faithful, The Largest Ball of Yarn in the USA and more, an RV can be the vehicle that drives those memories.


1) Pick the floor plan for YOU

The opportunities are surprising when it comes to the layout of modern RVs, they can pack all kinds of equipment and tools into hidden nooks and crannies of the vehicle. Most of the RVs available today will have bed(s); a kitchen with a sink, stove, and refrigerator; a bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower; and a living area with a table, chairs, and sofa. Some RVs may also offer heating, air conditioning, and entertainment electronics such as a television or sound system.

While there are many unique and modern gadgets that can be distracting, what should be the focus of your RV search is whether the floor plan will suit your needs. Consider how your friends, family, or pets will be sleeping and eating in the living space.


2) Research your vehicles towing capacity

Many trucks cannot support the weight of the towing capacity that they claim. Speak with an expert to find out if your vehicle can tow the fully-loaded weight of the trailer or RV that you’re looking at. Most veteran trailer enthusiasts recommend tow vehicles that have the rated capacity to tow a loaded trailer with room to spare.

Your local RV dealer is a great resource and will also be able to help you understand the ins and outs of towing safety.

Maybe your vehicle is better to be towed, so then a motorhome may be a better choice for you!


3) Consider your destination

Keep in mind what your needs will be in the areas that you plan to travel to. In colder climates, an RV that has a heater and is properly weatherized/insulated will make all the difference. Traveling to a more remote destination without electricity or hook-ups? Keep your search directed towards RV’s with a built-in power source such as a generator, solar or battery, and adequate water and waste tanks.


4) The length of your trip

In general, folding trailers, truck campers, and small travel trailers are suitable for weekend and short-duration travelers. If you want to spend several weeks on the road, you’ll probably be more comfortable in fifth wheels, class B motor homes with shower facilities, or smaller class C motor homes. If you’re planning to live in your RV much or all of the time, you’ll want to upgrade to a large class A motor home.


5) Staying under budget

It’s hard to relax on a trip if you’re worried about your finances! After you’ve filtered through your options and found an RV that will suit your travel needs you can narrow down the top choices with your budget.

New RVs can start anywhere from $4000 and go over $2,000,000 before you know it! To know how much you can afford for your monthly payment it’s important to be familiar with your current budget and refer to this before going too crazy.

Once you have a basic idea, you can speak with a loan officer to get pre-approved and know with confidence how much you can spend when you walk into the RV Dealership.
In addition to the cost of the RV itself, you’ll also need to plan for the associated costs, such as insurance, storage, maintenance and fuel. For instance, you can expect the fuel efficiency for a towing vehicle to decrease by an average of 8 miles per gallon.

Finally, maybe your idea of an RV is something smaller and can be used closer to home, such as motorcycles, ATV’s, boats, jet skis or even a scooter to get around town. Whatever your idea of a recreational vehicle is, Cascade Community Credit Union can help you finance it!

We hope that this will be the start of a season full of fun and adventure as you start the journey to RV ownership. If you have any questions about how CCCU can help make this process simple for you, call today!