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Cascade Community Credit Union

Belong to Douglas County


What is the credit union's routing & transit number?  What is my complete account number? 
All the information you need to know is on your check, as follows:check image

How do I check the holds on my account?
After logging into WebTeller, along the top of the screen you will see a tab labeled "Home".  Highlight your mouse over "Home" and from there select "Account Details".  Then, from the upper right hand side of the screen, you will want to choose the suffix in which you would like to view the holds.  (This defaults to Membership Shares, so you will most likely change this to Pathfinder Checking)

Why is the available balance different from the regular balance?
The available balance is the amount that is left after any pending holds that are waiting to post to your account.

Why is there a dollar held on my account?
The dollar that is held on accounts is most likely a gas station purchase. When you use your debit card at a gas station, they hold $1.00 to see if the account is valid. The total amount is what will eventually come through.

If you find a dollar is being held on your savings account, that is simply the necessary dollar required for membership to the Credit Union.

Can I add onto my Anytime Money Line or HELOC through WebTeller?
Absolutely! You can do this just like you would transfer money from savings to checking. Log into WebTeller and select "Transfers" at the top of the page.  From there, select "Transfer Funds" and select what loan you would like to add on to and where you would like it to go. 

What is the activation code required when setting up some types of payees?
The activation code is an additional security measure that eliminates and replaces the email verification process. A subscriber is prompted to choose to receive an activation code either through the subscriber's telephone, mobile device, or email, and it is delivered within seconds of adding a person, individual, bank or credit union payee. Once received, a subscriber must input the activation code during the login session in which it is received to verify the payee and make the payee eligible to receive payments.

What is the security key that is requested when signing up for Webpay?
The security key is created by the subscriber during the initial signup. The security key appears briefly upon accessing Webpay and provides verification to the subscriber that he or she is accessing the legitimate Webpay and not a counterfeit website. If you do not see the security key you created, please contact Webpay subscriber support or Cascade Community's phone center for help ensuring the security of your information.

What is the purpose of the challenge phrases?
The challenge phrases provide an additional measure of security for verifying a subscriber's identity for certain types of transactions on Webpay. Subscribers must respond to a minimum of four (4) challenge questions.

How much account history is available within WebTeller?
Account history is available for the previous eighteen months.

How far back are cleared check inquiries available on WebTeller?
The WebTeller cleared check inquiry allows searching only the current month and previous two months' statement periods. However, cleared checks will show in the member's checking account history for the previous eighteen months.

What is the RSA dual authentication?
RSA dual authentication is a system for providing additional security for member's account information. Initially, a member is prompted to select one question from each of five groups of questions for a total of five security questions. Certain transactions on WebTeller will result in the system prompting the member to respond to two of these security questions for identity verification before the transaction can be completed.

Are there settings within Internet Explorer that are required for viewing WebTeller?
Several settings within Internet Explorer or other web browsers can interfere with viewing and accessing WebTeller. If you are experiencing problems viewing Cascade Community FCU's WebTeller, please contact our phone center at 541-672-9000 for assistance.

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